Joining Forces with Gl  bal Partners

Leaplearner has seen firsthand how cultivating 21st century skills helps children access new opportunities and innovate their way to a brighter future. Together with our trusted partners, we are working to bring coding education to students in developing and rural communities worldwide.

Ponka Academy is a primary school located in the West-African village of Ponka, Sierra Leone. In 2017, with the goal of bringing coding education and future opportunities to the children of Ponka, LeapLearner’s founder, Ami Dror, set up a computer lab and introduced coding curriculum to the school’s 150+ students.

Bringing Coding to Ponka, Sierra Leone

In 2018, LeapLearner joined forces with the United World Colleges (UWC) of Changshu China to set up a programming charity club that teaches over 20 young women how to code. LeapLearner is proud to collaborate with UWC in promoting education and making it a central part of our sustainable future.

UWC-LeapLearner Coding Charity Club

In addition to our thousands of online learners, many leading international schools have chosen to partner with LeapLearner in order to provide their students with an engaging and effective way to learn how to code.

Corporate Partners

We partner with businesses across the global economy that enable us to provide coding opportunities to new students and improve access to coding education worldwide.

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