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LeapLearner offers three distinct lesson packages, each of which includes SIX, 40-minute virtual classroom lessons. All classes are taught by experienced, professional coding teachers that interact with students in real-time. All three packages include access to our many practice modules and coding games.

This package is great for small groups who are new to coding and want to team up for classes with one of our exceptional teachers. From after-school programs to friends from the neighborhood, the Silver package offers students an innovative way to learn together. These six, pre-scheduled virtual classroom lessons are the perfect way to open up the world of coding .

Price: $50 / 6 Lessons

Silver Package

Need a more tailored educational experience? Prefer private lessons? These are both great reasons to choose our Gold Package! This option lets you embark on your coding journey through one-on-one virtual lessons with an experienced LeapLearner teacher. Just choose a time for your first lesson and you'll be coding in no time.

Price: $300 / 6 Lessons

Gold Package

Innovative students with previous coding experience or those dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur will want to take advantage of our Platinum Package. This offer includes both one-on-one lessons AND a fully customized curriculum. Your teacher will guide you as you develop your very own advanced coding projects.

Price: $500 / 6 Lessons

Platinum Package

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