"The only thing constant is change"

- Hericlitus

Building a Bridge to the Dynamic World of Tomorrow

LeapLearner is ready to take on the ever-widening gap between existing education systems and the acquisition of 21st century skills. Our next-gen platform provides kids around the world with the building blocks for success in a connected, AI-powered future. Whether a student is learning a new tool in the coding language Python or a new phrase in Mandarin, LeapLearner provides ample opportunities for problem-solving, making it second-nature for students to adapt and innovate when faced with new challenges.


Why Learn to Code?

Coding is at the core of many societal advances, particularly in the fields of science and engineering. However, as we continue integrating technology into our daily lives, coding has become an essential tool that can foster innovation across any and all professions. Watch as our founder shares how he discovered coding and the importance of becoming fluent in "Robotish," the language of the future!


Why Learn


Did you know that Mandarin Chinese is the world's most widely spoken language?! 


Adding Mandarin to a student's 21st century skill-set translates to first-hand access to China's rich culture, unique history and booming economy. As China continues to grow as a global leader, companies across all industries are seeking Mandarin-speaking individuals who can bring the gap between China and the Western world. Whether you're a young backpacker or a seasoned businessperson, being able to communicate directly with the world's more than one billion Mandarin-speakers will open up new and limitless opportunities.


Start Learning for Your Future

LeapLearner offers its students access to:


Experienced, Certified Teachers:

  • Educators with virtual classroom training

  • Available for private tutoring sessions

  • Well-versed in many 21st century languages

Flexible & Accessible:

  • Learn anytime, anywhere - all you need is an internet-connected computer

  • Flexible options designed for busy schedules

  • Independent challenges to cultivate problem-solving skills

Progress Tracking and Feedback

  • Personalized tips and analysis after each lesson

  • Action-oriented feedback – focus study time where it’s needed

  • Efficient e-learning methods aimed at saving students time and money

Small-Group &

Private Online Classes

  • Ask questions and learn at your own pace

  • Game-based curriculum designed to maximize engagement

  • Personalized learning environment that enables rapid skill acquisition

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